Town Hall now exhibiting photographs by member artist Janine Turgeon

The artist member, Janine Turgeon, is now exhibiting her photography “Through My Eyes” at the Marlborough Town Hall Gallery throughout the summer and autumn. The exhibit is open to the public free of charge during normal business hours at Town Hall, 26 North Main Street, Marlborough, CT.

Janine M. Turgeon
Through My Eyes.

I recall growing up with National Geographic Magazines on our living room coffee table. I would love to look at all the pictures and learn what it was like to be in another country. To see how the rest of the world lived. To travel someplace exotic, without leaving the living room. I was amazed by the animal photography, and awed by the beauty of landscapes. While unable to travel to these places at age 12, I did have the chance to explore my own surroundings through the lens of an Instamatic camera I received as a gift. This camera enabled me to focus on the details of the world around me. I came to notice that there were many beautiful and inspiring sights in my “own backyard”. My ability to notice details and capture moments propelled me to became the unofficial designated photographer at various events. I loved to share and relive these moments with friends and family. My informal hands on experience in photography then expanded to include formal classes as well as my present day involvement with a community of fellow photographers.

What I love best about photography is that you can record a feeling, an image or a moment in time and relive it again and again through the photograph. Taking a photograph enables you to focus on what is beautiful or meaningful in your surroundings, as well as share it with others. One photograph can tell a story as well as bring you to another place or time.

Now, I see the world in pictures. I would say it’s impossible for me to go through the day without taking photographs of images I see during the day. My greatest inspiration is in nature, it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful it can be, especially when composed through my lens. My life long goal is to one day see and photograph all the National Parks in the country. In the meantime, I have collected an assortment of images from my travels. I hope that you enjoy the world, “Through my eyes.”, as I share the moments captured in my life that Inspired or left me with a sense of peace or awe.

Janine M. Turgeon