Stegasaurus Naming Awards


The Marlborough Arts Center (MAC) has a new sculpture on its grounds: a minimalist Stegosaurus sculpted by artist member Neal Alderman. A contest was held at the Elmer Thienes Mary Hall Elementary School in collaboration with their art teacher, Denise Kellerer, to name the sculpture. The winner of the contest was Elizabeth Peters, grade 5, who named it “MACxine”. Neal Alderman said that he had not thought of the sculpture as having a female gender, but when he and the Board of Directors heard the name it just seemed right.

Elizabeth was honored at the school’s Pride Assembly on October 23, 2013 with a certificate written in
calligraphy by Laurie Alt, a Marlborough Arts Center artist and Board Member. The top three winners:
Elizabeth, along with the first runner up Emma Kindle (3rd grade) and Isabella Ramirez (grade 5) the
second runner up, were brought up before the assembly and each awarded with books of passes for the
Colchester Cinema presented personally by the sculptor, Neal Alderman. The three winners were very
creative with their naming: beyond “MACxine”, the 1st runner up was “MACarthur” and 2nd runner up
was “Art”.
Thanks are in order also to NESCI of East Hampton and Chris Falkowski of Marlborough, two of Neal
Alderman’s associates, who helped him in the permanent placing of “MACxine” in its new home in the
front garden of the Marlborough Arts Center at 231 North Main Street where everyone is welcome to
come see it.
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