September’s 4th Friday @ the Arts Cafe

The Marlborough Arts Center’s 4th Friday @ the Arts Café stars the Slug Nickel Band on Friday, September 22, 2017 playing in the beautiful Charles W. Hall Gallery at 231 North Main Street in Marlborough, CT.

The Slug Nickel Band was born back in the 90’s but the core as it is now has been in place since about 2001. The band consist of the leader, Nicholas Eckert on guitar and vocals, his friend and longtime musical partner, George Spurlock on Bass and vocals, and Mike Labella on drums and vocals.  They often have a musician friend or two join in with them which makes every concert unique.

The band was built around Nicholas’ solo act. He says that he doesn’t care much for contemporary popular music and has spent a large part of his life searching for songs that are entertaining yet easy to play, and have some sense of humor to them. So the Slug Nickel Band plays lots of old time country/bluegrass/folk type songs that are lyrically interesting and funny.   What you will hear, among other things, are songs about rusty cars, mobile homes, excessive drinking and country life in general because these are rich in comedy and pathos.

Admission at the door is $10/person. Door open at 7:00 p.m. with the concert beginning at 7:30 p.m. BYOWine with other refreshments available. The Marlborough Arts Center is a non-profit regional center for the arts housed in an historic building with handicap access and ample parking. Details about other artistic events and classes are found on their website or one may call (860) 295-9389 and leave a message. One of the Board Members will return your call.