Seeking Holiday Arts and Crafts for our Gallery and New Vendors for our Gift Shop

The Holiday Arts and Crafts Sale will kick off on November 14th and we are looking to increase the number and variety of gift items we can offer the public. We are particularly hoping to sell smaller decor and decorations for the Autumn and Winter seasons: small mantle pieces, table pieces, swags, runners, ornaments, candle surrounds, greeting cards, greeting card holders, and other items within the $5-$25 range.
We need to keep our prices affordable because of the economy, but also want to continue providing unique and artistic items thanks to the creativity of our members.
If you have a marketable handmade item to donate, or would like the opportunity to sell your work in our gift shop, please call the Arts Center at 860-295-9389. Leave a message for Riva Clark who will arrange to see your work.
If you want to create something special and need supplies, we have some craft supplies available for your use. These can be obtained by calling the Arts Center for a pick-up time, plus Bonnie Desaulnier will also be available at the Arts Center on Wednesday, November 5th from 1-4 pm for your convenience.
Also, if you know of any artists/crafters that have unique and professional work and who might be interested in helping us, please share this with them.
The Gift Shop Committee