Hello Arts Center Members,

The Marlborough Arts Center needs ​every member’s feedback to plan Art and Fine Craft classes for the year 2015!

So that we may continue to offer classes that people really want, would you kindly take a few minutes to send a brief response to me using my email address:

Please respond ASAP before Feb. 15 whether or not you are interested in Arts Center classes. To effectively schedule Spring classes, we need every members’ response, so your prompt response will save us the need for follow-up phone calls.

In your email response please:

· Mention your full name (since email addresses often do not contain that information),
· By using these letters (A, B, or C) indicate what level of interest you have in classes:

  1. You are interested in attending future Arts and/or Craft classes at Marlborough Arts Center, and would like to provide information about your preferences (see additional info below);
  2. You enjoy participating in Arts and/or Craft classes. However, you currently look to other resources for those learning experiences. (Any information you wish to share about this response — such as cost of our classes, any previous issues with class administration, etc., would be greatly appreciated.)
  3. You are not interested in Arts and/or Craft Classes and enjoy supporting the Marlborough Arts Center by way of membership, donations, purchases, participation in events, or volunteer efforts.

If your response is A., simply provide the numbers of your class interests. Example: Jane Doe 3, 4, 20, 21, 25.

Adult: 1.Watercolor; 2.Oil/Acrylic ; 3.Pastel; 4.Figure Study with Model; 5.Portrait Drawing;

  1. Colored Pencil; 7.Clay Sculpture; 8.Hand-formed Pottery; 9.Stained/Fused Glass;
  2. Polymer Clay Jewelry; 11.Holiday Crafts; 12. Cooking or Baking; 13.Photography;
  3. Other: (Please describe in your email response; and if you’ve heard of any teachers that teach that media that you’d like us to contact, let us know.)

Kids: 15.Acrylic Painting 16.Drawing 17.Clay Sculpture 18.“Mommy/Buddy and Me” Craft Projects

Class duration preference: 6-hour weekend class (usually $54 for members); 20.3-week series of 3-hour classes (usually $81 for members); 21.5-week series of 2-hour classes (usually $91 for members).

Class scheduling preference 22.Weekday Morning; 23.Weekday Mid-day; 24.Weekday Early afternoon; 25.Evening; 26. Saturday

We have tried to make your response easy and quick. We also welcome any additional comments you want to add that might help us to improve class offerings. As a member, your involvement is very important to us…so, thank you in advance for your feedback.

Bonnie Desaulnier,, Class Coordinator

Marlborough Arts Center – Board of Directors