Hello All, and Happy May Day!  In fact, Happy May Month! This is a month of celebrations even though we do not have a May Pole at the Arts Center around which we could weave ribbons of many colors as in Renaissance and Baroque times. However, we do have a wonderful musician who will be playing Renaissance Music on our 4th Friday @ the Arts Cafe this month on Friday, May 23, 2014.

Susan Lowenkron, who is the creator and director of the trio “Tapestry”, will give us a concert of Renaissance and Celtic music on her period instruments. Many of you may know her from her years in Marlborough and early involvement with the Arts Center. Susan is a graduate of Eastman School of Music, received her Master’s Degree from Hartt College of Music, and teaches both at the Hartford Conservatory of Music and Dance, and the Thames Valley Music School at Connecticut College. She is active as a performer throughout New England and New York and enjoys talking about the instruments and the times in which this music originated. What a lovely way to experience history: music designed for both kings and commoners and now played for us.  Do mark May 23rd on your calendars and join in the fun.

May also brings Mother’s Day and this year we are Opening the Art Gallery and Gift Shop on Saturday, May 10, the day before Mother’s Day, from 10:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. as a special opportunity for you to choose absolutely unique gifts for the mothers in your lives. Paintings by well-known artists  now on exhibit in the Art Gallery are available for sale. One of a kind creations by regional artists are also available in the Gift Shop: jewelry, woven scarves and apparel, ceramics and carvings signed by the artist, fused glass decorations, and myriad other gifts beyond the typical will surely delight any mother. Think “MAC for Mom”.

Speaking of celebrations, remember that we rent out the Arts Center for private parties or events. I hope you think of us as being your art-lined living room, complete with baby grand piano!  Your dues support us so in a very real way this is your living room. If interested, leave a message on our telephone at (860) 295-9389. The events coordinator will return your call and be happy to discuss any plans with you.

You can see my party spirits are bubbling, but the same is true for the entire Board of Directors as we begin planning our end of June Picnic for you, our members. We have some very talented cooks in this group and they are anticipating a big party to meet and greet, eat, treat, and thank you for all your support throughout the year. I’ll confirm the date and time soon. In the meantime, please consider this my most sincere invitation and request for the pleasure of your company.