President Joan C. Lester’s July 2014 Letter to the Membership

Hello All,

Thanks to all of you who came, we had a lovely Picnic at Blish Park on June 23rd. as we celebrated the Annual Picnic/Potluck Open Meeting and the introduction of newly elected Board Members. We welcomed Patricia Ayars, Pattie Bullock, Torin Lee-Lewis, and Mike Malloy to the Board on a beautiful day at the Lake, with delicious food, and the opportunity to talk with and see MAC members together. Actually, about one third of the membership came and that was wonderful. Wouldn’t it be even more wonderful to have more members and friends participate next year?

Remember that every member is also welcome at any of our monthly Board Meetings, held usually on the first Mondays at 6:30 p.m. in the Art Gallery. The list of Board Members is on our website as well as the latest news of activities, classes, exhibitions, and the work of the Arts Center.

Oh, and for all us Art Lovers, after enjoying our Regional events right here in Marlborough, we can go further afield in that the Yale University Art Gallery is now offering free membership which includes notification by email of upcoming exhibitions, programs, events, discounts in their book store and even reduced parking rates in New Haven. For details, Google the Yale University Art Gallery or go directly to and sign up . Happy browsing!

This month of July is a transitional month for the Board with wrap up of the fiscal year and planning for the next year, 2014-2015. We are so pleased at the response to the impressive Photography Exhibition and Juried Show completed on June 29 in the Art Gallery, as we plan for other shows to come. However, classes continue regardless, as do the 4th Fridays @ the Arts Cafe. In July we will have the 8 Mile River Band and their Blue Grass music on July 25. So all you Blue Grass lovers mark the 25th down on your calendars now for another lively musical evening.

When I think of July, I think of fireworks to celebrate the 4th, of picnics on warm evenings, of family times, of being with friends, and of a slower pace after the typical school year ends and we prepare for vacations both away and at home. Or “staycations” as they are now termed…

So whatever your plans are, I wish you happy days, and look forward to seeing you at MAC as well as “talking” with you in my next letter.

(860) 295-9565