President Joan C. Lester’s April Letter to the Membership

“Spring has sprung, the grass is rizz”, notes an old ditty from my childhood. Well, the beginning spring was a bit weak after our past winter, but at home we do have 2 crocus blossoms that “rizz”, so surely others will follow. Spring does bring a sense of renewal and energy and that is certainly so at MAC.
First, I want to thank everyone who has contributed so far to make the Vision of the ART PARK a reality. If you haven’t pledged, now is the time to join in. Remember that even with the $80,000 grants we’ve applied for, we must raise half , $40,000, by the end of May! We’ve received a range of pledges, from those at $1,000  to those of $25; ALL are important and appreciated so, if you can, please send a pledge via email to or mail a check payable to Marlborough Arts Center to 231 North Main Street, Marlborough, CT 06447.
This means fund raisers are happening! We start with a Fund Raiser Dinner Party on Saturday, April 25, at 6:30 p.m. in our beautiful Charles W. Hall Art Gallery at $30/person. This 4-course Dinner has been planned by Diane Sandler, a master chef, and features chicken piccata as a main course, chocolate truffle cake and whipped cream as dessert, and includes wine and coffee. There will also be a silent auction of art works upon which to bid. What an opportunity for fun while doing good! Board Members have tickets for sale OR to reserve leave a message for Diane at the Arts Center telephone (860) 295-9389.
April has more: the day before the Dinner we have 4th Friday @ the Arts Cafe on Friday, April 24 starring the popular Seat of Our Pants. This dynamic group of three musicians is now an even more dynamic group of four: Carolyn Brodginski, Mark Hall, Jeff Gorman, and now Mike Frantzen on fiddle. They are so talented and so much fun to be with; they make the whole atmosphere like just friends getting together, except that fortunately these friends are extremely talented musicians. What a way to enjoy the weekend at the Arts Center.
Watercolor Classes have started (see classes on website), a sure harbinger of Spring along with those wee crocus blossoms. It’s time for joy again.      
As Spring’s warmth blesses us all, I do look forward to seeing you at the Fund Raiser Dinner and at 4th Friday,