2024 MAC Members

Below is a list of individuals who have already signed up to be 2024 MAC members. No need to sign up again! Thank you for being a member and for your contribution.

James Anderson
Louise Concodello
Jennifer Chaffee
Charles Denler
Bonnie Desaulnier
Carolyn Emerson
Jessica Gilbert
Dianne Gorrick
Robin Hammeal-Urban
Kristine Hudock
Joanne Huelsman
Lois Kennedy
Elaine Meisenzahl
Bruce & Carol Phelan
Dave & Pat Porteus
Scott Rhoades
Megan Sanderson
Jerry Satriano
Lisa Seethaler & Rick Baker
Allen Silberstein
Mary Ann Stino
Tom Swimm
Dawn Tyler
Danny Veilleux
Roy Wrenn
Jane Zisk