New Exhibit Coming to Marlborough Town Hall

Starting Monday, July 3rd, artist Janet Romanowski will be displaying her art at Marlborough’s Town Hall (located at 26 North Main Street). Her art will be available for viewing from July until December 31st, 2023. Check out Janet’s bio below and photos of some of her work before visiting the exhibit for yourself!

J. Bogon Romanowski

About The Artist

Connecticut born, classically trained artist, J. Bogon Romanowski graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Hartford Art School, University of Hartford. Janet is best known for her Figurative work and diverse subject matter. Inspired both by her love of poetry and engaging conversations with her studio models set the stage for capturing the essence of her work.

The selection of a piece of artwork by the viewer is an experience based on what they personally relate to. “We see everything within some frame of meaning,” she says. “What the observer of artwork experiences is dependent on what they personally bring; this interplay, hopefully, defines the connection between artist, observer and painting. This is how the mind reads meaning out of an artwork, this is how artwork is sold.”

Backstory of my “Rooted Men2” drawing

“The weather was clear, and my decision to hike the woods with a young man I hired as a model was a good one. Given the freedom to pick the route, he confidently moved forward, as I silently followed with my gear in hand. There was no need to talk, as we both enjoyed the sounds around us. I was familiar with this area … he was not, but continued to climb until I remarked, ‘When you see the view played out in front of you, stop.’ As I glanced upward, he straightened and stood still, like a tree. I began this drawing on location, and recalled the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson’s reference to trees as rooted men. This became my title.”

Artist Memberships and Affiliations include

Associate Member at the Lyme Art Association, Marlborough Arts Center,

Arts Center East, New Canaan Society for the Arts, Mystic Museum of Art,

Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, Red House Cultural Arts Center,

New Britain Museum of American Art Represented by Artisan Framing and Gallery, Niantic, Connecticut

To Contact the Artist

J. Bogon Romanowski

75 North Parker Road, Marlborough, CT 06447-1247

Telephone: (860) 228-3913