May’s 4th Friday @ the Arts Café

The next Marlborough Arts Center 4th Friday at the Café event will be May 24, 2019 where The Whispering Tree will present a very interesting, exciting performance. The Franco-American duo, which includes singer/songwriter Eleanor Kleiner and multi-instrumentalist Elie Brangbour, craft richly immersive folk-rock brimming with evocative lyrics, nature imagery, perspectives from travel, and a panoramic musicality that encompasses traditional folk, indie rock, classic rock, and 1960s pop and rock n’ roll.

The twosome met at music school in London.  At the time, Eleanor was a singer-songwriter seeking to collaborate, and Elie had a reputation of being one of the institution’s most gifted musicians.  At first, the pair had a band mindset, but slowly found freedom in creating as a duo, working together to blossom Eleanor’s song seedlings with a full range of harmonic, instrumental, and arrangement possibilities.

The name The Whispering Tree is full of imagery and symbolism, the subtle call of natural forces, as if listening to the noise trees make as wind passes through them may mystically reveal answers or profound truths.

The duo performs nationally and has recorded a number of albums.