Marlborough Elementary School Band plays at Marlborough Arts Center

The Marlborough Elementary School Band under the direction of Maestra Donna Arsenault played an open-air concert Wednesday, June 10, 2015, from 7-8 p.m. on the beautiful grounds of the Marlborough Arts Center. The twenty student band members played a variety of music including the opening America to the memorable Pink Panther Theme.

It was a perfect June evening. The air was warm and comfortable for all who sat surrounding the band on chairs or blankets they had brought. The early evening sky was a cloudless blue. The flowering trees of the lawn and the Arts Center building itself presented a lovely background for the young musicians who thrilled the audience with their professionalism and skills. The finishing touch was the “Ice Cream Lady” who brought her truck of goodies available for everyone to enjoy.

The Marlborough Arts Center, a regional center for the arts, has a long history of collaboration with the schools and hosts both the Elmer Thienes-Mary Hall Elementary School’s Spring and Winter Concert.

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