Marlborough Day

20140824_0264The Marlborough Arts Center’s tent was in the center of Marlborough Day down at Blish Park on Sunday, August 24, this year and a spot for artists of all ages to come, draw, and participate in the very interactive creation of a beautiful pink flower poster. The poster was made of 36 individual pieces, each piece painted by one person and then placed together to finally form the complete flower. The  fun of this creation was in watching the painting grow, piece by piece. It was an added thrill to know that each person contributed something to the whole. The poster will be displayed in the classroom on the lower level of the Arts Center, along with posters from other years, so do drop in to see them the next time you are at MAC.

There were also crayons galore for the youngest children to use on their own projects which they could take with them. It is always interesting to see how children will use colors and shapes, especially when they are free to express themselves without any “lines” in which to stay. There are definitely some young artists already living in Marlborough!20140824_0269

It was a beautiful day for the town and everyone enjoyed being part of the art thanks to the day-long artistic planning and leadership of Susan Whitehouse, and Fran Terase.

Participants in the artwork:

Sophie Olander20140824_0274
Lisa Butterfield
Abby Moore
Fran Terase
Stan Biskupski
Katie Moore
Robin Johnson
Joan Parker
Joan Skripol
Leah Bahamonde
Sydney Olander
Susan Whitehouse
Cathy Gaudinski
Sophie Olander
Linda Bajek
Jannie Shannon
Deann Rhodes
Janine Turgeon
Liz McGreevy
Audrey Prucnal
Paige Burkhart
Mike Malloy
Katie Kingsley
sydney Farrar
Diane Sandler
Bethany Hartshorn
Suzette Kuerbety
Dave Bourbeau
Joan O’Connell
Julia Pearson
Dot Foley
Debbie Pierson