June’s 4th Friday @ the Arts Café

The Key of H

The Henderschedts, Marlborough residents and members of THE KEY OF H, are performing at the Marlborough Arts Center’s 4th Friday at the Arts Café on June 28, 2019.  The group is made up of Jim Henderschedt and his four children, Emma, Owen, Rosie and Lucy.  This family has been making music all of their lives.  As a child, Jim played guitar and sang in his father’s church.  As Jim grew up, married and had a family, his children and he would gather for family sing-alongs, chorus concerts, musical shows and the children’s choir at the local church.

Owen plays the piano, Emma, Lucy and Rosie sing in harmony, with father Jim playing the guitar. Jim and eldest daughter, Emma, have performed numerous times on Sadler’s patio during the summer season.  Possibly some people in town remember hearing their performances.  In their gig at the 4th Friday at the Arts Café, it is expected that the audience will hear a mix of musical genres guaranteed to please the tastes of the audience.