January Oils and Acrylics Class with Jackie Jones

Coming January 2018: Jan. 9, 16, 23, and 30.

Jackie Jones is presenting a series of four Tuesday adult classes in the use of oils and acrylics at the Marlborough Arts Center. The morning set of classes will be from 9-12 a.m. The second set will be from 1-4 in the afternoons. This means a complete set of four classes is 12 hours. You can sign up for either mornings or afternoons, but can’t mix the two times. Of course one could take complete sets of both mornings and afternoons. The fee for one complete set of 12 hours in four classes is $120.

This class is designed for those new to painting. We will make our own black and white 9 step value scale and a color wheel. Next we will create a basic black and white still life then on to color mixing exercises. Lastly we will paint a simple landscape from a, provided, photograph. Note: Although my specialty is oils and acrylics, all mediums are welcome).

In this class, students will create a landscape painting using photographic reference (bring your favorite photos or use mine). The goal is to create simple designs with strong foundations derived from a ‘thumbnail’ value sketch. Value, composition and technique will be stressed as well as capturing the feeling of a landscape, rather than just copying a photograph. This class will include an instructor demo and plenty of individual attention.

Jackie speaks of her work by noting that her oils are done primarily on location wherever her travels take her and are an expression of mood and emotion manifested through the beauty of the landscape. A deep desire to partake in a dialogue with nature and a quest to infuse a moment of truth within the canvas is why she paints. This spontaneous process invigorates the work and is imbued with the spirit of nature created in communion with the wind and sunlight itself. This communion with nature is evident in her work and an emphasis in her classes.

For detailed information on these classes, contact Jackie Jones directly at jjonesart@cox.net