August’s 4th Friday @ the Arts Cafe

Hugh Blumenfeld and his band the The Faithful Sky are the headliners at Marlborough Arts Center’s 4th Friday @ the Arts Cafe on August 26 this month. The Boston Globe wrote of his work as “words and music full of poetry and passion”. Hugh’s career began as a teacher of poetry and literature, and this is reflected in all of his creativity as a singer-songwriter. He left teaching to join the Greenwich Village scene throughout the 80’s and 90’s, eventually moving to eastern Connecticut and playing local gigs. Some of those were in medical settings which led to his decision to become a medical doctor and his practice as a family physician out of Hartford. But music remains a major part of his life and Hugh Blumenfeld and The Faith Sky are well loved in the area. Audiences can feel the love they have for music which is so evident in their concerts.

Come and join in as they play in the beautiful Charles W. Hall Art Gallery at the Arts Center, 231 North Main Street, Marlborough, CT. Admission at the door is $10/person. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. The concert begins at 7:30. BYOWine. Other refreshments are available. The Marlborough Arts Center is a non-profit regional center for the arts housed in a historic building that is fully accessible with ample parking.