Art Park Vision

The ART PARK Vision

1) We will preserve this parcel of land at 225 North Main Street in its natural state as an ART PARK, an extension of the arts and culture of our Mission as the Marlborough Arts Center.

2) The ART PARK in its natural state will provide an idyllic setting for a major sculpture in its midst, or even a more extensive sculpture garden.

3) This site will provide myriad opportunities for en plein air artists of all ages. This would increase our already many contacts with the local and regional schools, while increasing public awareness of the arts.

4) In keeping with its natural state, we will create walking paths among the trees for people to enjoy the beauty, birds, plants, etc., with perhaps the occasional bench for seating as they do so.

5) We do plan to create an area as a labyrinth, a curving walk through which people reflect and meditate. There are many possibilities of community ties and collaboration with the churches, schools, and art centers of the area in providing a labyrinth which could be widely available for groups or individuals.

6) This will be a lovely setting for open-air concerts, utilizing the trees and plantings as an acoustic bowl with audience seating in our cleared parking areas.

7) It could also be a site for events of other kinds such as receptions or parties.

8) Certainly there are creative purposes beyond these, but the advantage of having MAC own the land is that we are not only preserving this natural space, but that we can utilize it over time as we make these ideas a reality. And, we can do it at our own pace. We do not have to do anything immediately except hold and protect the land.

9) Creating the ART PARK on this adjoining land is taking advantage of an unique opportunity to plan for the future of the Marlborough Arts Center and its ongoing vital role as a regional center for the arts.


Joan C. Lester, President 2013-2015