Hello Arts Center Members,

The Marlborough Arts Center needs ​every member’s feedback to plan Art and Fine Craft classes for the year 2015!

So that we may continue to offer classes that people really want, would you kindly take a few minutes to send a brief response to me using my email address:

Please respond ASAP before Feb. 15 whether or not you are interested in Arts Center classes. To effectively schedule Spring classes, we need every members’ response, so your prompt response will save us the need for follow-up phone calls.

In your email response please:

· Mention your full name (since email addresses often do not contain that information),
· By using these letters (A, B, or C) indicate what level of interest you have in classes:

  1. You are interested in attending future Arts and/or Craft classes at Marlborough Arts Center, and would like to provide information about your preferences (see additional info below);
  2. You enjoy participating in Arts and/or Craft classes. However, you currently look to other resources for those learning experiences. (Any information you wish to share about this response — such as cost of our classes, any previous issues with class administration, etc., would be greatly appreciated.)
  3. You are not interested in Arts and/or Craft Classes and enjoy supporting the Marlborough Arts Center by way of membership, donations, purchases, participation in events, or volunteer efforts.

If your response is A., simply provide the numbers of your class interests. Example: Jane Doe 3, 4, 20, 21, 25.

Adult: 1.Watercolor; 2.Oil/Acrylic ; 3.Pastel; 4.Figure Study with Model; 5.Portrait Drawing;

  1. Colored Pencil; 7.Clay Sculpture; 8.Hand-formed Pottery; 9.Stained/Fused Glass;
  2. Polymer Clay Jewelry; 11.Holiday Crafts; 12. Cooking or Baking; 13.Photography;
  3. Other: (Please describe in your email response; and if you’ve heard of any teachers that teach that media that you’d like us to contact, let us know.)

Kids: 15.Acrylic Painting 16.Drawing 17.Clay Sculpture 18.“Mommy/Buddy and Me” Craft Projects

Class duration preference: 6-hour weekend class (usually $54 for members); 20.3-week series of 3-hour classes (usually $81 for members); 21.5-week series of 2-hour classes (usually $91 for members).

Class scheduling preference 22.Weekday Morning; 23.Weekday Mid-day; 24.Weekday Early afternoon; 25.Evening; 26. Saturday

We have tried to make your response easy and quick. We also welcome any additional comments you want to add that might help us to improve class offerings. As a member, your involvement is very important to us…so, thank you in advance for your feedback.

Bonnie Desaulnier,, Class Coordinator

Marlborough Arts Center – Board of Directors


President Joan C. Lester’s January 2015 Letter to the Membership

Happy New Year! This is always a time to reflect on the year past as we think toward what the new year can bring, so January is perfectly named after the Roman god, Janus, who could see both behind and in front of himself. In fact, one of Rome’s many arches is the Arch of Janus, carved exactly the same on both sides, bringing the ancient world to mind in the present. It is through art that so much culture and history and beauty live on through the centuries.

But art is not just in the great cities of the world, nor in their great museums. It is all around us and we are so fortunate in Marlborough to have art with us in its many forms at the Arts Center. I am grateful, we should all be grateful, to the core group of founders who were determined to make our town a regional center for the arts, who at the beginning had to meet and exhibit at local spots like the American Legion Hall, who had the goal of their own site, and who earned the money by grants and pledges to buy the Charles W. Hall building and land, and literally move this historic building from the roadside and rebuild it to meet the modern needs of exhibition space and classrooms that we now have. Their foresight is to be applauded. Kudos to them and to all the volunteers who gave of their time and talents in that rebuilding.

I am also excited that more and more people are coming to the Arts Center as we continue to reach out to the community and region with our art exhibits and classes, the 4th Friday @ the Arts Cafe musical evenings, and our close relationship with the schools’ art and music programs, and groups who rent out our beautiful facility for their special events.

In fact, WNPR contacted us about the possibility to use the Arts Center as a site to record a new project: “Words To Live By”. This is similar to their storycore programs, but emphasizing the good things that happen to people, the generosity and helpfulness that we give and receive in life but which often goes unspoken. We will be notified if chosen for this honor of hosting WNPR and all the people chosen to tell their stories. I will certainly tell you as soon as we know!

January also brings music back with Chris Devine and Michael Nix, internationally known classical guitarists and founding members of the world chamber music trio The Pioneer Concert. Their versatility on their many string instruments and their personal charm promise a delightful evening on Friday, January 23. Details are already on our website so please do check there and then come to this first of the 4th Friday @ the Arts Cafe performances in 2015.

You will soon be receiving the invitation to renew membership for the 2015 year, another January tradition. Remember, it is our dues that support the arts here, the artists, and all our activities as well as our beautiful setting. Please do renew and know you are appreciated.


feel free to contact me at: (860) 295-9565 or by email at

4th Friday @ the Arts Cafe on January 23rd

Michael Nix
Michael Nix

CHANGE IN PLANS:  The January 23rd “4th Friday @ the Arts Cafe” will feature Michael Nix as a solo artist due to a change in schedule of   Chris Devine, his musical partner. Michael Nix’s concert will begin at 7:30 p.m., with doors open at 7:00 p.m. as previously announced.

The Marlborough Arts Center at 231 North Main Street in Marlborough, CT begins the New Year with its popular “4th Friday @ the Arts Cafe” series on Friday, January 23, 2015 starring the truly dynamic duo: “Devine and Nix”. Chris Devine and Michael Nix perform energetic entertaining music on violin, guitar, mandolin, and the Banjar: a seven-string classical banjo. Their repertoire features virtuoso arrangements of traditional classical music, literally a world tour of musical traditions from Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Russia, America, and vintage jazz plus their own original compositions.

“Devine and Nix” bring together decades of international concert touring, recording, and composing in many genres. They are also founding members of the world chamber music trio “The Pioneer Consort”.

Chris Devine is a musician of diverse talents, performing on electric and acoustic violin, mandolin, and guitar, as well as flute, saxophone, and keyboard. He has studied with the internationally=known violinist Julian Olevsky and has appeared on over 100 CDs. He toured Europe and Russia as a featured soloist with Blackmore’s Night, starring guitarist Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple.

Michael Nix has performed traditional classical repertoire, new classical, and original music on guitar, lute, banjo and mandolin in concert halls throughout the United States and Asia. He has composed solo music, songs, chamber music, symphonic works, electronic music, and opera. Nix designed the seven-string Banjar, combining elements of the classical 5-string banjo, the lute and the classical guitar.

This concert promises an interactive evening with two musicians of great charm and expertise as they lead those attending through international classics.

Admission at the door is $10 per person. BYOWine. Other refreshments are available. The concert begins at 7:30 p.m., but the doors open at 7:00 giving time to peruse the art and visit the Gift Shop filled with creative works by regional artists where you will have time to buy unique gifts for yourself or others(cash or check only), choose your own seats, and then settle in for a musical treat in the beautiful Charles W. Hall Art Gallery.